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Institute For Advanced Clinical Trials For Children

We are an independent non-profit organization and believe that children of all ages deserve innovative medical therapies that are developed with the same level of urgency and commitment afforded adults. The Institute works with others to assure that studies are designed to generate sufficient data to allow safe and effective use of new medications and devices in pediatric populations.

A key factor in making this a reality is to optimize and accelerate biomedical innovation using child-centered clinical trial networks and collaboration with like-minded institutions, trial sponsors and other stakeholders. Together with parents, patients, investigators, foundations, regulators, other government agencies, biopharmaceutical sponsors and children’s networks, we work to catalyze improvements in the quality and timely completion of global pediatric studies to address the gap in evidence for best use of therapeutics in children.


What We Do


Strategy & Planning

We provide independent, expert advice and guidance to sponsors and others, to help...


Capabilities, Tools & Best Practices

We lead, or participate in, cross-sector teams that streamline and improve clinical trial processes...


Infrastructure & Clinical Trial Execution

We support and manage a network of pre-qualified trial-ready sites and collaborate with regional...



We catalyze efforts that assure early and continuous engagement of patients, caregivers, investigators...

“I-ACT for children”  because children deserve high quality evidence to support optimal use of new medicines and approximately 50% of drugs used in children and 90% used in newborns have not been adequately studied in these populations.

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Leadership Team

Edward Connor, MD, MBE, FAAP
Robert Ward, MD, FAAP
Martha Brumfield, PhD
James Pomfret, ChFC®, CLU®, AIF®
Barry Brooks, JD

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The Institute’s work relies on financial contributions from individuals, groups, institutions and others