I-ACT for Children Site Network

The I-ACT for Children Site Network is a globally collaborative research network that enables regulatory-grade scientific data to support the safe and effective use of new medicines and devices in children. Key features of the site network include:

  • More than 65 sites under contract in the US, Australia, Latin America and Saudi Arabia
  • MSA with more than 300 European sites (Belgian hub)
  • MOU with MICYRN (Canadian pediatric network)
  • A “site champion” and operational point of contact at each site to support rapid site identification & ongoing site/PI engagement
  • A central IRB in place that has reliance agreements with all sites

Click on the map below for current site details:

United States


For more information regarding the benefits of the I-ACT for Children Site Network and how to join, please visit our Site Network FAQ page or contact Lisa Benson.