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I-ACT for Children Selects Advarra as Central IRB for its Pediatric Clinical Trials Site Network

I-ACT for Children has selected Advarra as the central IRB for the I-ACT for Children Clinical Trials Site Network – a geographically and therapeutically diverse network of pediatric trial sites committed to improving efficiencies and capabilities for the conduct of clinical trials.

I-ACT for Children launched the central IRB function to streamline processes, expedite IRB approval and improve quality during study start-up. Sites within the network, along with I-ACT for Children’s industry members, will use Advarra for consistent regulatory submissions, with the goal of faster IRB approvals and more rapid study start-up.  Advarra was chosen after extensive research and discussions among our network sites and I-ACT for Children members.

Currently, 44 sites are part of the I-ACT for Children Site Network; the goal is to have 60 sites by the end of 2019 and 100 by the end of 2020.

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