I-ACT for Children Staff Honored at SoCRA Annual Meeting

At the recent annual meeting of the Society of Clinical Research Associates (SoCRA), I-ACT for Children’s Lisa Benson and Janelle Allen were honored for their contributions to pediatric clinical trials. Lisa Benson, Vice President of Clinical Research Operations, Quality and Education, was awarded the SoCRA President’s Award for Distinguished Service. The award recognized the impact Ms. Benson’s 30 years of service have had in the pediatric clinical research field, as well as her many contributions to SoCRA. During her three decades in the field, Ms. Benson has supported pediatric trials as a clinical research coordinator, manager of a clinical trials unit and director and senior director of grants and sponsored programs. She is an active member of SoCRA; she served on its Board of Directors for two terms and developed a two-day workshop on pediatric clinical trials as well as a symposium for emerg ency medicine research. Ms. Benson is nationally recognized for her work in this field and is an invited speaker at many conferences and workshops. She is leading the development of I-ACT’s Pediatric Clinical Trial Site Network and its education initiatives.

At the same meeting, I-ACT ‘s Janelle Allen, Director of Clinical Research Operations, Quality and Education, was named to the SoCRA Board of Directors. Ms. Allen has worked in pediatric trials since 2007, supporting the growth of multiple networks. She works with Ms. Benson to support and grow the I-ACT site network.

Janelle Allen, Director,
Clinical Research Operations, Quality, and Education

Lisa Benson, Vice President, Clinical Research Operations, Quality, and Education