I-ACT for Children Appoints Co-Chairs of Its External Advisory Committee

Rockville, MD.

The Institute for Advanced Clinical Trials for Children (I-ACT for Children), an independent 501(c)3 non-profit working to advance clinical trials of new medicines and devices for children, announced the appointment of Jonathan Davis, MD, FAAP (Tufts University) and Pamela Simpkins, MBA (Johnson & Johnson) as the leadership of its External Advisory Committee (EAC).

I-ACT for Children’s Advisory Committee is composed of senior leaders from the public and private sectors with broad experience in regulatory-quality pediatric medicines/device development. The Committee provides high-level strategic advice and guidance to the Institute on pre-competitive matters such as:  gaps and challenges in pediatric clinical trials, patient engagement approaches and novel methodologies, collaboration opportunities with other pediatric networks and stakeholders,  innovation in trial design and efficiency, adoption of new technology and/or innovative scientific methods and global interface and collaboration.

“We are very pleased to have experts of the caliber and experience of Dr. Davis and Ms. Simpkins serving as the Co-Chairs of our Advisory Committee,” said Edward Connor, MD, MBE, FAAP, Chairman and President of I-ACT for Children. “Along with more than 30 national and international leaders in pediatric product development from the public and private sectors, the EAC and its leadership will provide key input on matters that will help us all improve the quality, efficiency, feasibility, timeliness and impact on clinical trials in children of all ages.”

I-ACT for Children believes that all children deserve the most innovative medical therapies that are developed with the same level of urgency and commitment afforded adults. The Institute works with others to assure that studies are designed to generate sufficient data to allow safe and effective use of new medications and devices in the pediatric population.

“I-ACT for Children serves as a neutral and independent forum to address some of the most important challenges in clinical trials of new medicines and devices for children,” noted Jonathan Davis, MD, FAAP Vice-Chair of Pediatrics and Chief of Newborn Medicine at the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center and Professor of Pediatrics at Tufts University School of Medicine.  “This is one of the most significant initiatives in the field, and I am honored to serve as Co-Chair of the Advisory Committee and work with the members of the EAC and senior leadership for I-ACT for Children to enhance the conduct of clinical trials for all infants and children.”

I-ACT for Children was founded on the principles outlined in the Advisory Report (2016) from the Pediatric Clinical Trials Consortium (PTC) of the Critical Path Institute, which laid out a roadmap for I-ACT for Children as a sustainable global pediatric clinical trials network.

I-ACT for Children has grown out of the priorities recommended in the PTC Advisory Report, and the Advisory Committee is a mechanism by which PTC recommendations are achieved and benefit all stakeholders, most importantly children and families,” said Pamela Simpkins, EAC Co-Chair, former PTC Co-Chair and Senior Director & Strategy Lead, Child Health Innovation Leadership Department (CHILD), Johnson & Johnson. “I-ACT for Children is making impressive progress and I enthusiastically look forward to helping advance its mission and vision through the work of the Advisory Committee.”


About I-ACT for Children

The Institute for Advanced Clinical Trials for Children is an independent, non-profit organization that works with public and private stakeholders to improve the planning and completion of pediatric clinical trials. It facilitates advanced research and education directed at improving the timeliness, quality and medical impact of clinical trials of innovative therapeutics on child health. The Institute was established by Critical Path Institute with advice and guidance from its Pediatric Trials Consortium that includes more than 30 diverse organizations, including patients/parents, government agencies, professional organizations, academia, the biopharmaceutical industry and international experts. I-ACT for Children is headquartered in Rockville, MD. For more information, visit www.iactc.org.